Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Fun

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks. Last Saturday night, the evening before Easter, we planned to color eggs. We had to get all of the other Saturday priorities accomplished first, like Saturday cleaning and chores, last minute Saturday shopping, final prep for Easter, and prep for church the next morning. We put baths off until after the egg coloring (which was a good idea, since Adam ended up with purple hands!) I had boiled five dozen eggs because boiled eggs have been a big hit lately, especially with Jeffrey. We didn't get started coloring until just before 8 pm! Everyone had a great time. Mom put on a fun playlist of hand picked country music, so we were coloring to the beat. Anna hung out some of the time in her exersaucer, but she finally demanded to see what the big deal was. Once she saw all of the exciting things on the table, she did her best to get her hands (and mouth) on whatever she could reach! Everyone did a great job coloring.

The next morning, after attending Sacrament Meeting and hearing Katie's lovely singing in the choir, we drove to Chico to spend the rest of the day. It was a tender mercy that there happened to be a Living Scriptures promotional cd in the van with a dramatization of the Easter story. That was an uplifting and touching way to spend the drive there (which might otherwise have turned a lot of fighting like the way home
did!) We had a fun afternoon and evening at Jeanette's, including a great Easter egg hunt with over two hundred hidden plastic eggs for what turned out to be only 5 children hunting! They did pretty well for themselves with candy.

The final pictures are of March pack meeting and Josh receiving his Bear badge. One lesson from 2008 so far is that you can complete the requirements for your Bear badge, even if you have almost nothing done, in one month!! I think he will even have some arrow points before his birthday. I am not sure what game the boys are playing here, but I guess it had to do with trash, which was the theme for March.

The last picture is of Anna eating. This has been our big preoccupation this month. We took her in for a check-up last month. I was feeling like she was too small. The doctor said she is not small--just long. She falls in the 95 percentile for length but only 50th for weight (which is just where our other girls, and Jeffrey, have fallen most of the time). So she isn't underweight, just overtall! However, the doctor did say that she needs to begin eating solids. She wouldn't eat anything for me, so we started trying a variety of things to get her eating. It turns out she just didn't like the rubber covered spoons. Once we figured that out, her eating problems were solved. Now she eats anything we give her.

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