Sunday, April 20, 2008

Evans' visit and Keables new family members

We had some fun, last-minute visitors this week. Nancy called to say they were in San Francisco for Spring Break and to ask if they could stop by and spend the night before heading back to Utah. We had a great time!! You would think the kids see each other all the time. They hit it off right away and played non-stop, right up until the Evans drove away the next morning. Morgan went with Jacob and Katie to our youth combined activity, which was a video scavanger hunt. Rich took David up to pick up the kids and see the temple, where they saw 4 deer. Nancy and I got to stay up late visiting. It was fun to be together! The pictures are of Beth, Kate, Mallory, Hannah, Jeffrey, Ryan and Adam playing dress-up and then the same group plus Ryan, Josh, Adam and Daniel playing one more round of Nintendo before bed.

After they left, we immediately got ready to leave for a camping trip near Jeanette's house. Rich took everyone Beth's age and up, and Curt took all of his kids plus a whole group of friends. There were 18 kids in all, plus Rich, Curt, and Steve, Curt's brother. They had a ball, even though the boys put a smoke bomb in the girls tent and then collapsed it on them in the middle of the night. Jeanette and I stayed home with Jeffrey and Anna and their two new foster children, Marco (3) and Octavio (18 mos.). They are doing long-term foster care, with the intention of adopting. They just got these boys, who are brothers, this week. They are adorable. They are also a handful, to say the least, and have very much disrupted the quiet, peaceful Keables home. (I suppose most people wouldn't call a home with six kids in the house, including 4 teenagers, quiet or peaceful, but now that the boys are there, everyone is realizing that two toddlers can make even more noise than teenagers!!) The pictures are from a trip to the park, Jeffrey and Marco on the teeter-totter, and Octavio and Anna together. I am also including a picture of Jeffrey because I think it is pretty cute!

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