Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The secret revealed

Good guess, Wade!! Unfortunately, the children did not guess our trip from our clues, and they (particularly Jacob and Katie) were dying to know. So yesterday, Rich gave them an elaborate word puzzle that told them what we are doing. Each child got one letter guess for free, and they had to earn extra letters by doing chores. Jacob and Katie washed and vacuumed out Dad's car, did laundry, made all the beds from clean sheets, and did dishes. They finally got enough letters to figure it out. Here is what it said:

We are going to Aunt Jen's house, having a big family dinner, going to our old ward, traveling to Anaheim, staying at the Embassy Suites hotel, riding on roller coasters for three whole days at a fun park where Mickey Mouse lives, swimming at the hotel pool, relaxing in the sauna, and soaking up sun at the beach.

We leave on Friday!

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Amy Beatty said...

I love that you have this wonderful family blog. I just had so much fun looking at each post. I don't know how you do it all. I hope you guys are having one amazing trip. Love and Miss you xoxo Amy Beatty