Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Activities

There are all kinds of things from August to tell about already. First of all, our school district has started school. Can you believe it?! Katie began high school on Monday, Beth began 1st grade, and Jacob and Katie began seminary. Wow! Now we are really the parents of youth, driving to seminary at 6:20 am. It's not much for Rich, since he was raised on the 9 pm to 5 am sleep schedule. I haven't had to do it yet, since he is handling the driving for now. I don't have pictures from the first day of school because I was not here for it. My sister and I got to go see her daughter in Virginia over the weekend and didn't get home until Monday afternoon. However, I do have pictures of all the fun we had on that trip. We went to the beach in Hampton, VA one day. We went to Washington D.C. another day. Then we went to church with Whitney and watched the Men's 4x100 Olympic Relay Swim Team break the World Record the last day. It was great fun. Anna was a perfect traveler. She climbed all over the important monuments of our nation. We even got to see them at night. What a great trip! Other than the trip to the capitol, the most exciting thing that happened was the shooting that took place in Whitney's complex on the second night of our stay. We all went outside with the neighbors once the police showed up to see what happened. It turned out that a 22 yr. old man was killed in an "altercation." I guess it is a good spot to live for a homeschooled girl who wants to become an ER nurse (as long as she can avoid the shooting!) While we were off having fun, Rich stayed home and held down the fort. Of note, Katie thought the first day of school was pretty boring, but she seems to like it now, especially french (mais oui!!) Beth loved it. Jacob and Katie both like seminary, so far.
So the funny story for the week happened yesterday. I was heading off to the pool with some children for an afternoon swim. Rich needed t0 go to the grocery store. He was concerned because I was taking Anna and Jeffrey to the pool by myself. He assumed he had to go with me to help because I would have two little ones by myself. I laughed and laughed. This is the dad who has spent many, many weeks of summer in foreign countries and the rest of the time in the Bay Area or L.A. working, while I took our family, made up of little children, to swimming lessons and to swim by myself. I love it that he thinks we are that dependent on him now! Please don't give away my secret or he may decide to go work in the Bay Area again!

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