Sunday, April 19, 2009

Josh turned 11

Joshua turned 11 last week but I never got to blog about him. His birthday fell in the middle of Spring Break. What a treat! We got to sleep in and then celebrate the birthday when we were all ready to get up. Josh got to take a few friends and his brothers to play laser tag. We had his favorite, pizza, and rasperry jello cake. Notice there are only two candles on the cake. That's all we had, so it stands for 1-1. (It's better than the time we had to use matches because we had no candles at all!) Josh is our tender-hearted boy who loves to help and give and receive lots of love. He has really grown up a lot this year and is even becoming a very good family babysitter. We are so glad to have him in our family!


RAQ said...

I love my 11 year old, they are such good young people! What a great smile! Happy Mother's Day to you!

liz said...

Khristine, it was so great to see you and visit even for a few minutes. Thanks for coming and including us in your busy trip!

nevadanista said...

He loves to babysit? What a keeper :) Happy belated birthday Josh!