Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy birthday Jacob, Katie and Mom

On May 17, Jacob and Katie turned 15. Jacob and Katie are great fun to have in the family. They really compliment one another. Jacob is unbelievably fun with little children and funny to be around. Katie is kind, sweet and gentle. They are both super helpful and responsible. I could not do what I do with such a large family without them. I sometimes wonder why they came as twins. I guess heaven knew we needed a girl and a boy first in the family.
My birthday also falls in May. This year I turned 40! (For my thoughts on this big milestone, read my personal blog here.) Rich made the day special by making a great breakfast and dinner, and by showering me with some pretty great gifts--like a new pair of Birkenstocks and a blue tooth ear piece! I also got to have a lunch with a group of friends at Chili's. Jeanette surprised me by coming to town and joining us for lunch. It was a great day.


Allyson White said...

I want to see you walking around with your blue tooth--you'll be so cool:)

nevadanista said...

Happy birthday everybody!!! And welcome to the big 4-0 club :D