Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daniel turns 13

We celebrated Daniel's 13th birthday while we were on our trip to Utah. Now we have 3 teenagers in the house! Daniel's big accomplishment just before his birthday was to take a lesson on how to cut hair. In the fall, in exchange for giving hair cuts to Jeffrey and Adam every month, he is going to get a cell phone. He is pretty excited! He is going to attend Sutter Middle School for 8th grade in the fall, and he plans to try out for the basketball team. He is also pretty excited about that! Daniel spent his birthday at Aunt Nancy and Uncle David's house. He got the newest Link game for the Wii, which kept all the boys busy that morning. That night, we went to BYU for bowling and ice cream at the creamery. He got a double waffle cone, which is huge!!! It was a fun day. Too bad we didn't bring the camera. Here are some pictures of Daniel from the past few months. What a goof! Daniel, we sure love having you in our family!

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