Monday, March 8, 2010

Pinewood Derby

This year marked Rich's tenth Pinewood Derby car. Adam is our only Cub Scout, so Dad and Adam got to spend lots of (last minute) time working out a design and getting all the little details just right. They put on the wheels about two hours before it was time to head over to the church.
The whole family came along to cheer Adam on.
Here is Adam with the final entry. Jacob and Daniel were sure to tell him that they both won their den races when they were Wolves. No pressure, right?

Adam won his first three races in a row, and ended up 3rd place in his Wolf Den. He was happy with his ribbon, but even happier with the Butterfinger candy bar he won! Good job, Adam ! (And good job, Rich! Only 5 more Pinewood Derby cars to go!)


Amy Beatty said...

I can't wait for that!! So much fun for the whole family.

Wade said...

I love PWD. I fonly we could have it every month at pack meeting. Congratulations!!

Our Family said...

Pinewood Derby every month?! Oh, man. I think that would do us in. Once a year is good for me. : ) Amy, you have a lot to look forward to. Matt will someday have 6 cars under his belt! : )