Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Activities

We did some fun things in December.
We attended the Ward Christmas party, which had a live nativity involving Beth and Adam (Adam is the shepherd on the left and Beth is the Lamanite kneeling and shooting the arrow.) Santa Claus was also there; only Beth, Jeffrey and Anna were willing to sit on Santa's lap for a picture.

Adam was willing to sit on Santa's lap at Rich's work party, though.

Beth was baptized on December 11.

Then we went to San Francisco for Daniel's basketball game. After the game, we climbed the Golden Gate Bridge and went to the Oakland Temple to see the Christmas lights.


Amy Beatty said...

FUN FUN FUN stuff. Beth is so grown up and BEAUTIFUL!! I dream about the Oakland temple. So glad you got to go there and enjoy it as a family.

RAQ said...

good times! I love the temple pic! I have never seen the lights at the temple, I guess I'll have to move back!