Monday, October 31, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Jacob and Katie attended homecoming in a group of ten couples. They all wanted to be together so we hosted the group of 20 for dinner in our backyard. It was such a fun night. Here are some pictures of the big event.

A good friend who is a wedding planner came over and helped me, and some of the other mothers, create a beautiful place to hold the dinner in the backyard. After we decorated, you could hardly tell it was a basketball court.

Katie, Josh Reynolds, Ben Hodson, Savanah Asay, Ashley Mork and Jacob
Katie and her date, Josh
Katie trying to pin on the boutonniere
By the time the kids arrived after taking pictures, it was dusk. We had put out nearly 100 candles, so there was plenty of lighting. One girl said it was so pretty she was going to cry. Beth and Bekay, Savanah's little sister, helped serve the meal. They also helped with all the clean up afterwards!
The whole group
The boys in their 'tiger' pose
The girls were more demure for pictures
Twins' love
Jacob and his date, Ashley


RAQ said...

how fun! and it turned out lovely! this is a fun stage of life! can you believe they are this old?

whit said...

They look so good, especially kate! OMG, gorgeous. You guys did an excellent job.