Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Activities

I have not been blogging lately. My spare time has been taken over by campaigning for Proposition 8. We have been doing lots of other things, but there hasn't been any extra time to post about it. So here are a couple of things from this week. On Tuesday, we took a trip to Apple Hill, a nearby collection of farms that celebrate the apple harvest each fall. We took everyone but Katie and Beth, who were in school. We also brought along two homeschooling friends. Last year, on the day that I delivered Anna, we went up to Apple Hill with Lewis and Jeri. I felt my first real contraction on the way home and delivered our new baby about 8 hours later. Anyway, here are some fun pictures from our time up the hill.

We like to go to a farm called Plubell's because they have a petting zoo and fun tractors to climb on. They also have a tire swing and climbing toys, along with a hiking trail. Here are Josh and Adam on one of the tractors.

Lizzie Asay with Anna on the swing.

Savanah Asay pushes Josh on the tire swing.

This was Anna's first time seeing farm animals, and she was very intrigued. You can see Jacob holding Anna with Lizzie and Adam looking on. Everyone was a little nervous to feed the goats. There were several very aggressive ones that butted the other goats out of the way. We brought some carrots and also got some feed at the farm to give to the animals. When the goats ate the feed, it got your hands all slobbery!

Savanah and Anna on a tractor.

So here we are back to Yes on 8. This is the sign in front of our house. We put it up on our balcony so that no one would steal it. We had a funny experience the other night. Jacob and I went out to put out extra signs around town. We went in the big maroon 15 passenger van. It wasn't very inconspicuous, but we were within our rights to put signs around town. We had 50 signs to put out, so I would pull up to the corner and Jacob would hop out and run to put it in. We were doing this in the evening about 8 pm, but there was still plenty of traffic, so we felt like we were rushing. We got home about 9 pm. At 10 pm, our doorbell rang. It was a policeman. He told us that our van had been implicated in sign-stealing! Someone had taken down our license plate number. We laughed and explained that we were putting signs up not taking them down. He said he believed us, and we let him look around so he could document that there were not any piles of stolen signs laying around. Josh and Adam got up when they heard the doorbell. They were thrilled to see a real policeman. After he looked around, he showed the boys the inside of his police car and ran the lights for them. It was pretty exciting!

The policeman said that they have had a lot of complaints about stolen signs, but it has only been McCain/Palin and Prop 8 signs! So much for so-called "free speech for all"!


liz said...

Way to go, Khristine! You are the Ultimate Mom, in your gentle, wonderful way. I was just thinking about the great spirit in your home the other day. And your tall bookshelves filled to overflowing with great books! Both our parents and friend in the Bay Area are having their Prop 8 signs stolen--they can't keep them in the yard. Crazy. We wonder about that justification?!?
Thanks for the blog--so fun to see photos and hear about your adventures.

Wade said...

We had someone write on our truck Equality for all, No on 8. It is fun to see freedom of speech on display.