Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More birthday fun!

Whew! We made through our crazy week of birthday, Halloween, birthday party and election!! Here are some of the fun pictures to show you how it all went. Below, you see my lovely three girls on Halloween, which was also Beth's 6th birthday. Katie had straightened her hair. Beth's hair is not nearly so curly as Katie's. One day, after her bath, Beth was complaining about why her hair was so "wrinkly." It turns out she was wondering why it had so many curls! Anna has curls, too, by the way, which you can't see here because her hair is in little ponies in the back.

Here is a picture of Beth with her best friend, Julianna, who came over after school to watch Beth open her presents.

Adam, Jeffrey, Beth and Julie are all excited about the fun presents.Here is Beth on her new bike! Her previous bicycle was the same size as Jeffrey's so it was really time for a new one.

After the opening of presents, it was time to get ready to trick-or-treat. Our kids went out in various groups with friends. Here are Beth, Jeffrey (black ninja to the left), Jacob and Anna with the Asay girls.

Josh dressed up as a newsie, while Adam borrowed Josh's idea from last year--a Pokemon trainer.

Anna made an adorable witch who would not keep her hat on.Do you recognize Beth? Princess Leia, of course!

The next day, Katie threw a tinker bell party for Beth and 15 of her rowdy friends! Katie went all out, turning our home into Netherland, complete with Fairy Cove and Lost Boys' Hideout. With the help of Katie and her two friends, the children played Pin the Wings on the Fairy, Following the Leader, and Pass the Fairy Box. We had pizza and even a Mermaid Lagoon cake.

After the party, we got back to the business of campaigning. Unfortunately, Mark Bahouth did not win for SMUD Board, the campaign for which Rich was the treasurer, but Prop 8 won! We all collapsed in exhaustion after staying up most of the night watching results. Now we just have a few more weeks of soccer before we zoom into Rich coaching Daniel's basketball team. Never a dull moment! It can be crazy, but it sure is rewarding to have so much that is worthwhile to do all the time.
Here is a picture of Katie playing soccer last Saturday. She is the one in the red uniform next to the ball.


liz said...

WHEW! Way to go, Mom! Look at all of that fun, packed tightly into a short burst. Aren't we so thankful for cameras and photos to help us remember these great times? And HOOOOOOORAY FOR PROP * PASSING!!! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Jeri Pettingill said...

What a busy family! Your efforts are focused on long term results-a happy family in a state that will now allow that to continue. At least until the next attack. Thanks for all you do.