Friday, February 6, 2009

Home Wrecker

Anna has crossed over from fussy, teething toddler to happy home wrecker. For one thing, she has learned to pull a chair or tub up to the counter and reach whatever she is interested in. Here you see an example of her destruction. She pulled this tub up, pulled out a variety utensils from the drawer, dumped out the cinnamon sugar, and began opening a new cube of butter when I found her.
In the past 24 hour period, she dumped out almost a full pitcher of orange juice all over the counter and floor, and into the drawer and cupboard below, dumped a cup of water all over the counter, painted bowls with the already opened butter, threw graham crackers off the counter one by one, and got into Katie's school supplies while she was sleeping and drew on the couch with a permanent marker.

Here she is trying to make amends by doing the dishes! : )


Julia Everts said...

Oh no...that's what i get to look forward to!!? It is quite funny though when it's not your own child! She was probably just trying to get ready to help you make cookies! She got out some of the ingredients! Haha.

Jeri Pettingill said...

Oh Anna, you look so adorable in the dish washing photo. It's a good thing you are cute.

Allyson White said...

I think she was trying to bake your delicious chocolate chip cookies in the first photo. You have got a long year ahead of you!

Amy Beatty said...

If that is what trouble looks like sign me up!! I love that face and that little body.