Sunday, February 1, 2009

Individual Accomplishments

We've had an exciting few days. First, we had the Pinewood Derby. Here is Josh with this year's entry. He came in 3rd place in his den, which was good enough to win him a candy bar. We only had one Scout competing this year. Rich figured out that this was his 9th year helping to create a Pinewood Derby car. Only 6 more to go--3 with Adam who will be a Cub Scout in July, and 3 more for Jeffrey after that. Whew!

Also, Josh was awarded his Webelos badge. Only three more months and he will join the 11 year old Scouts with our Boy Scout troop.

Here's Josh showing off his muscles!

Saturday, Josh and Adam competed in their first taekwondo tournament. They are low green belts, so they sparred with other boys their same level. They are both having a lot of fun with it. Here is Adam with his sparring group. He got a bye for the first round, lost the second round, and got to compete for 3rd place, which he won.

Here is Josh putting on his sparring gear, next to one of his good friends, Amrit. His sparring group only had four boys, but one of them was about a foot taller than Josh. After winning his first round, Josh and that boy competed in the 1st/2nd place round, and Josh beat him! Rich told me that Josh found the tall boy's weak spot and exploited it. Josh said he focused on using his technique. I just think it's fun for boys to get to fight in a controlled setting--testosterone and all, you know!
Here they are with their ribbons--3rd place for Adam and 1st place for Josh. Everyone who competes gets a ribbon of some kind, and they also got a hot dog, chips and a soda. Not bad!

Finally, also on Saturday, Katie went to the Winter Formal dance at Folsom High with a group of girl friends. This was her first high school dance. They started getting ready in the afternoon, had dinner as a group, and then went to the dance at 7 pm. She had a great time. Doesn't she look lovely?
Jacob stayed home and did homework. I noticed that I didn't hear about a group of freshman boys who got ready all afternoon and then went to the dance together. They were all home playing Guitar Hero, I guess.


Jeanette said...

Wow! What a week! Tell Katie I think she looked gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tues. night!

nevadanista said...

Good job Josh!!! And Katie is beautiful :)

Amy Beatty said...

Fun-ness!!! I loved when my brothers did pinewood derby. I can't imagine how fun it would be to cheer for your own son. Oh my. Katie is way too grown up. It just can out of no where. Or maybe just since we have been gone for the last three years. I bet she had a ball. Were you guys worried at all? You guys are such good relaxed parents.