Thursday, December 10, 2009

The last two birthdays for the year

I have been terrible about posting lately, but I need to finish up the year of birthdays. Beth turned 7 on Halloween. Beth is our fiesty, independent, sensitive soul. She was so pleased with her simple birthday gifts. Her birthday is on October 31, and Katie made her a special Halloween costume to match Anna. She was Little Bo Peep with her little sheep. Incidentally, Beth played soccer this year and she scored a goal on her birthday! Beth had a great day, and we love her so much!

The last birthday for the year was Rich, who turned 39. Pretty old, huh? (Just getting him back.) What a great husband and father Rich is!! He is the rock of our family, consistent and steady, always taking care of everyone else and the little details that make life go along more smoothly. We love him so much!!!


Jeri Pettingill said...

Congratulations on finishing up the birthdays. You were wise/lucky to avoid birthdays in December. This month has plenty going on without additional celebrations. Enjoy it all.

KelliAnn said...

Happy Birthday! Your children are beautiful, I love looking at the pictures of your family! It's been so long since I have seen you all! I hope all is going well!