Sunday, December 13, 2009

New York Trip

One of the reasons I was behind on my birthday posts was because we spent the entire month of October preparing for, going on and recovering from our anniversary trip to New York. I decided to post some of those pictures here as a memory for later. Rich's dad and Jeri babysat for us for 9 days while we went off all by ourselves!


Jeri Pettingill said...

It is fun to see your photos again. They might be as close as I get to New York, New York. I enjoyed your excitement as much as doing it first hand. So glad you shared this experience with Rich (and only Rich). We treasured our up-close and personal time with your wonderful children. We all have great memories.

Hizzeather said...

Wow...what an awesome trip! I would love to go myself someday. :)

RAQ said...

wow! What a great time!