Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Sunday

It was a cold, rainy day. We decided to stay home, rather than go visit my sister in Chico like we usually do. We all snuggled in our pajamas and under blankets in the morning and watched LDS General Conference. I love these pictures of the kids. Everyone loves the Conference booklets or word pages that we pass out. I didn't have any ready for Saturday morning, and there was a revolt, so I had stack of word searches, mazes, word lists, bingo games and pictures to keep everyone happy during Conference sessions on Sunday, including the teenagers! After about an hour, someone found the Easter baskets hidden in the garage. That was the end of hearing any of the talks!It started raining during our Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Despite the warm weather clothing, it was really quite chilly. For the first time, only Josh and below hunted for eggs, while the older teenagers did the hiding. The children quickly found their eggs and got back inside. What kind of an Easter is this?! We are used to sunny, warm, spring weather!

Later we had an Easter dinner with our friends, the Ellison/Bracy family. While we were getting dinner ready, the children had fun with the bubbles that came in the Easter baskets--inside. It was too cold to do bubbles outside!


Wade said...

We could not get Gracie to sit still. She really wanted to go on her egg hunt. Conferenceas pretty good!

Redferns said...

Everyone is getting so big!

Liz said...

I love how much fun your family has together!!