Wednesday, July 14, 2010

End of May/June

I haven't posted since Easter?! We've been too busy have fun (and celebrating the mass number of birthdays we have in May, June and July). Here is some proof:Jacob and Katie turned 16, had a big party, and each got their driver's license. We now have two drivers--Yes! They are fun and helpful and they are both really growing up, Jacob literally.Daniel graduated from Middle School, turned 14 in June, and is on to Folsom High with Jacob and Katie next year. I would have never thought I would have attended Middle School gradution for one of my children. We're homeschoolers, you know, and if there is ever an age to home school, it's the middle school years. But here we are. Daniel has thrived from the challenge in school and from the chance to play sports. He will play football for FHS next year, and he will try out for basketball. In the spring, he will have to choose between track and volleyball. ; )
We finally got some warm weather, finally, which meant finally wearing swim suits! Anna, Jeffrey and Beth pose for the camera.We discovered 99 cent 32 oz. Icees at our local Chevron gas stations all summer long. Now that's a deal!Katie and I went to Girls' Camp together. This is the first time I have gone since I was 14. We had a great time! I was the counselor and she was one of the YCLs to a great group of 2nd years.
Finally, Jacob spent June, like he spends every month, being a goof. What's he wearing, you wonder? Anna's ski coat! He always makes us laugh.


whit said...

I miss you guys!!! 2 weeks. Can hardly wait. And Daniel... He's getting so handsome:) Love you!

KelliAnn said...

I love the picture of Jacob in his sister's jacket! It gave me a good laugh! I can't believe how grown up everyone is! I still imagine them as the little kids I used to babysit!