Sunday, July 18, 2010

July (so far)

July brings the last of the summer birthdays. Adam turned 9 and is no longer in Dad's wolf pack for Cub Scouts. We had to celebrate his birthday the night before because we spent most of the day driving to Rich's family reunion.

Driving to Utah, Jeffrey and Anna were absorped in the travel booklets Grandma Jeri made. It was our easiest long distance drive ever. Life with a nearly three-year old girl is pretty nice!We attended the Pettingill Family Reunion in Heber City, Utah. Rich's dad and Jeri have 11 children between the two of them. 7 of the 11 were able to attend, with their children, which made 49 people including over 30 cousins ages 17 and under! Here is Beth playing with Mallory and Lydia, with their newspaper bag 'water babies.' Jeffrey loved his water baby. This was the big hit of the reunion. Jeri and her girls, before she married Lewis, spent years doing an early morning paper route. The girls play with the plastic bags the papers went in. They would fill them with water, tie them at the top, and call them 'water babies.' I have never seen so many children entertained for so long by something so simple!
Anna loved the baby pool, playing here with her cousins Cohen, Evan and Thomas. Guess what? They all have water babies in the pool!
Grandpa, Calvin, Jacob, Rich Daniel, and Troy playing cards
We had a family talent show. Katie and Beth made up a song to sing together.Rich, Anna and Adam stayed in the audience
The teenagers did a special dance number. There's Jacob, but can you find Katie and Daniel?
Even the moms worked up a little number. We called it 'Fire Burnin' on the dance floor'Little fire burnin' The reunion took place near Deer Creek Reservoir, where Rich asked me to marry him 17 years ago. On our way to stay with family before we left for home, we stopped in to get a picture. We had never been back until now.The reunion ended Sunday, so after attending church in a little ward in Heber City, we stayed one more night with family and went to Temple Square. The big kids went to see the Joseph Smith movie while Jeri and I took the little kids to the Church History Museum across the street. Beth made her own version of a temple.Super Daniel in front of the Conference Center

Cousins at the reflecting pond


Amy Beatty said...

How FUN!!! I wish you had a video of the all great talent. Nothing better than family xoxo

Jeri Pettingill said...

I didn't realize that Katie and Beth wrote their song! I'm even more impressed than I was when I heard it. I think you captured our experiences very well. I'm so glad to be part of our great big happy family.

Fun Mom!! said...

How awesome are you guys! Wish we were in on some of that fun! Miss and love you guys!!!

RAQ said...

That's so funny that we went to the same place! What a great family you have! I loved catching up on their birthdays and you got to go to girl's camp ...lots of fun stuff!

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