Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why I haven't been blogging...

This fall we have had three soccer players, one football player, and Josh has been enrolled in a chess/soccer class for home schoolers. I have sat at soccer practice for about an hour and a half Monday through Thursday since the beginning of August. We have also gone to most of Daniel's football games every Thursday night, several of the Varsity football games on Friday night, and three soccer games every Saturday. It's been a busy, sporting fall so far. Fortunately, Katie drives herself to practice and I can just drop Josh off. So I guess that is where all my blogging time has gone.

It has sure been fun, though, to watch everyone compete and cheer them on individually.

Here are some pictures from this week's soccer games. (You can't get a good picture of a football player, and kids playing chess makes a pretty boring shot too.)
Beth's team in a post-game cheer
Beth says she wishes she could play soccer "every day but Sunday."
Beth taking a practice kick at the goal
This is Katie's 6th season playing on the Mad Penguins
Katie's big kick in a big plus for her team
This is Adam's first year. He has played goalie most of the season.
Taking a big jump
Ready to defend the goal

It all comes to an end next month. We only have Daniel signed up for basketball. Hooray! Just in time for the holidays...


RAQ said...

great photos! I have been forgetting my camera! Last year we had 6 in soccer & three did flag football too! It was nuts this year not so much! So I get it totally! I blog instead of clean house! you are amazing!

whit said...

I miss you guys!! Can't wait to come visit. So happy you're adding a new addition:) love u!