Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jeffrey's 6th birthday

Friday was Jeffrey's birthday and it was also the day that he had a Star Wars themed birthday party. I got the idea, the games, even the cake and pinata suggestions, from my friend Afton's blog several years ago. We held the exact same party two birthdays ago for Adam, and it was a hit both times. Here are some pictures from the day:
Josh and Adam led the activities. Mostly the 8 little boys, who had just gotten out of school, wanted to spend a lot of time fighting with their newly acquired light sabers. Noisy but lots of fun!

Jacob jointed in the fun and got everyone attacking him in a group, while we were waiting for Darth Vader to arrive. Darth Vader had accidentally taken a nap on the couch upstairs and wasn't ready to come down when we originally felt a 'disturbance in the force'.
Princess Beth-Leia made an appearance.
Can you believe how in style Darth Vader is these days? He wears Nike shorts and long black Nike socks. I'm just sayin'...

Jeffrey wanted a cake featuring himself fighting Darth Maul. So here is our best effort. He thought it was "awesome"!

Even Padawans need a snack/cake break.
And the Darth Vader pinata. Thanks, Party America!

Overall, Jeffrey's big day was great. In fact, he told me it was "my best birthday in years!" Six years to be exact. : )


Amy Beatty said...

What a fun party for the whole family and friends! Happy birthday Jeffery xo

KelliAnn said...

I love it! That is one of the cutest parties I've ever seen! I'm sure Jeffery had a blast!

RAQ said...

great job mom! loved Darth Vader! we get the same looks around here without the mask:)