Sunday, April 10, 2011


Last week, we got to spend lots of time with cousins! First, we went to Table Mountain in Oroville to see the wild flowers. We also spent the night at Jeanette's house. Dad and the big kids had to stay home : (
Some of the beautiful wild flowers we saw on our hike
We hiked down to the bottom of this waterfall.
Anna at the bottom of the waterfall
Anna holding a salamander. There are tons of these to be found. Guess what the boys did the whole time? Yep! Looked for salamanders!
My sister, Jeanette, and her husband, Curt, at the base of the waterfall. We went later in the day so Curt could come along after he got off work. Thank goodness he came because he helped us get Anna up and down the steep climb to the bottom of the falls.
Jeanette and I. My pants are rolled up because I slipped while helping Anna up to the falls and cut a deep gash in my knee. I haven't been able to kneel on it since!
Cousins climbing back up from the falls. Jeffrey, Josh, Adam then Ryan and Gus (the dog)
Cousins walking along together
More flowers. The mountain was covered with flowers. That is a gift from Heavenly Father. Flowers that grow spontaneously in the spring.
Bloom where you are planted, like this little flower growing in the rocks.
Everyone hiking back. Again, it was nice to have Curt along. Anna's shoes got wet, so she took them off, which made for a painful walk on the rocks in some points. I carried her for a while, then Uncle Curt put her on his shoulders.

A few days later, it was Joshua's 13th birthday. Jeanette, Curt, Melissa and Ryan came for the evening.
Officially a teenager!
Ryan, Adam, Melissa, and Beth
Josh opening his presents
Birthday cake!
The next night, we had a birthday party with 10 13 yr olds. They are so easy to please. We had pizza and soda, they played Capture the Flag at the park, and then we had ice cream sundaes. There was extra time leftover, so they held an impromptu Brawl tournament. Fun stuff!

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