Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Women's Conference 2011

Jeanette, and four of her children: Whitney, Janae, Jordan and Julia
Sisters--only Melissa was missing this year.
Rich's sister, Jen and I. We were roommates and had so much fun that we didn't get much sleep!
Whitney--15 weeks pregnant with twins!!
This was the Chico portion of our group, plus Jordan who came to hear Elder Bednar speak. We spent about 20 hours driving with most of these ladies. Bonds are created under those circumstances that my last a lifetime ; )
Jeanette and I--we got a few hours to ourselves on Saturday to have lunch and wander around the BYU bookstore. Heaven.
It snowed on Thursday evening and Friday morning. It was fun to see the snow...then leave it behind and come home to 70s weather!
The Folsom portion of our group--Marie, Jen Marchek, Chrissy Ellison, and I, plus Jen

Fun times!!

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RAQ said...

that's great you come every year! it's amazing that your sister's kids are all grown up--of course my kids are almost grown up! time flies. Someday I will get to Women's Conference!