Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer 2011--Trip to Utah for the 4th of July, part 1

Summer has flown by. I have a bunch of pictures to post from all the fun we have had. The summer started off with a bang for Daniel's 15th birthdayThen we had girls' camp, Cub Scout Camp, and Boys Scout Camp for three weeks of June. The sun never came out much until the second half of June, and we wondered what was happening to our summer! The kids spent time indoors together doing things like making popsicle stick houses.
It finally warmed up in time for EFY. Katie went to Santa Barbara with her best friend, and we took a family trip to Provo for Daniel and his friend David to attend there. David and Nancy let us stay at their house, and we had a great time!! Here is Anna listening to her "new boyfriend, Justin Bieber" in the car on the way. This was our first trip with our new van, which does not have a movie player in it. It went really well! We listened to an audio book on the way, and the kids played their hand held video games, drew in coloring books, did word searches, and played games together. I don't think we will get another movie player.
We arrived in American Fork on Sunday, and the next day was the 4th of July festivities in Provo. The boys had to be at EFY by 11 am, so we got up early to see the hot air balloons and to watch the parade. Darth Vader was a new balloon showcased this year.
The balloons start filling up at 6:30 am, so we mostly just rolled out of bed after going to bed at midnight. Here is Hannah, Beth, Adam, Mallory, Jacob, Anna and Josh, and that is the back of Cohen's head up front.
This is inside one of the balloons, and below that is a picture of the balloon filling up. You can't believe how hot it is!

After the balloons, the dads went to get some breakfast and we went to find a spot on University Avenue for the parade.
David with Jeffrey on top and Jacob with Ryan and Cohen.
Daniel didn't care about the parade. He needed a nap!
Some kind people let our kids crowd in on their blanket. They are on the front row. In the back you can see Beth, Kate and Mallory. Hannah is behind Mallory. To the right of Beth is Anna's curly hair and Cohe, with Adam in the royal blue t-shirt and Ryan on David's lap. It was a fun parade, then it was time to take David and Daniel to EFY.
We dropped the boys off at May Hall after taking them to lunch at Sonic. They had a great time!!

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