Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter and the debut of warm weather

This year, we stayed home to celebrate Easter. We had a fun egg hunt and had some friends over for a yummy ham dinner. Here are a few pictures:
Anna was so excited to participate in the egg hunt. She found more eggs than anyone else, especially since Daniel, Jacob and Katie mostly didn't participate this year and were around to give her extra help.
Beth looking for eggs cleverly hidden by older siblings.

They hid eggs up in the trees and in the basketball standard. Josh and Jeffrey trying to grab some eggs up high.
They also hid them up in the fences.
We did hide three eggs each for the 'big kids', including two that held Cadbury Cream eggs and one with a dollar. Jacob, Katie and Daniel consider themselves too old for egg hunts, but not too old for extra treats.

Jeffrey has had terrible allegies this year, but allergy medicine has made it so he can go outside without his eyes swelling up.
Adam had fun finding lots of treats, too.

Josh likes to be counted among the 'big kids' but he is not to old for an egg hunt!
The rule at our house is no water games outside until it's above 70 degrees. It hit 70 degrees the day after Easter. This is what it looked like at our house.
There is no better fun than jumping on the trampoline with a hose!
We didn't get around to coloring eggs until the Monday night after Easter. Silly, but the kids had a great time.

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RAQ said...

fun! I am glad to see that sometimes I am not the only one to not get things done in 'order' for holidays! I am sure your kids loved decorated the eggs after as before and then eating them!:)