Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FAQs about Rich's employment status

I have had some people ask about Rich's job (or lack thereof). So here is a list of frequently asked questions:

What job did Rich lose exactly?
Way back when we lived on So. Cal, Rich's company was bought by Yahoo. Suddenly, his job was eliminated, so he took a position in international finance. For about seven years, Rich was either traveling all over the world or commuting weekly to the Bay Area. After we moved, he promised me that, at the beginning of 2007 when his stock options became worth less money, he would leave Yahoo and get a job in Sacramento. This proved harder to do than it sounded. First, how do you look for a job in one city when you are rarely there? Also, why leave a great job that pays well?

When did Rich lose his job?
Last February, Rich was laid off. My first reaction was "Yes!" Rich was a little less enthusiastic but we both felt like Heavenly Father was mercifully forcing Rich's hand and allowing him some time to look for a job while he still had a salary. In July, he was hired to a contract position with the DMV, right up until that project was eliminated at the last minute. So he technically lost his job twice in one year. In retrospect, I am sure glad the State of California is not in charge of our paycheck!

Why did Rich lose his job?

A new boss came in that didn't like Rich. So he took advantage of a lay-off to "eliminate his position". Rich likes to think the department has never recovered from the loss. I keep thinking I should send a thank you note.

What has Rich been doing since then?
He has been trading full-time in the stock market, with interviews whenever something interesting comes his way. In addition, he has been acting as part-time Mommy's helper, doing the seminary driving, changing diapers, making lunches, and generally being available whenever I need it. (It's been a great year!)

Hasn't this been stressful?
I would have thought that too, and it has been stressful sometimes. However, our savings, the Yahoo stock options, and stock market earnings have made it so that we miraculously did not have to worry about money. Of course the uncertainty is stressful in and of itself. In February, the first thing we did was read everything we could think of about faith. Those teachings carried us through the most stressful times. Family and friends have fasted and prayed with us, and I know that our faith combined with theirs is why we have been so blessed during this time. Plus, who can really complain when you have Dad home all the time? Sometimes I have worried about when the real trial was going to begin.

Why not just keep day trading?
Well, let's just say that the fall was more lucrative than December and January. We think it is another heavenly push in the direction of getting a full-time job. Rich says maybe he isn't quite as smart as he likes to think!

So what is the new job?
It is for a company called Resources Global (which sounds like more travel, I know, but I have been assured you only travel if you want to. He better not want to!) It is finance related project work for different clients in the Sacramento area. It comes with good benefits and the promise of mild hours. We'll see!


Allyson White said...

Hurray! I feel like I know Rich inside and out now...very informative! When does he start? You will need to negotiate and tell him that having a job now requires more "girls night outs".

Tamster said...

Thank you for the update. I was really quite curious.

Congrats to Rich on the new job. I hope that he enjoys it... but not too much, of course! ;-)

I always thought Rich was just an accountant, but it sounds like there is a lot more to his background than just accounting--more finance, investments, and other business stuff, not just the accounts in general. It sounds like he has done well with his background.

I'm sure this past year has really been a blessing for your whole family, especially after him being gone so much with his previous job, to have him around so much more. And with 8 kids, including a small baby, I'm sure you were especially grateful to have him around more.

My husband is a pilot and is around a lot and gone a lot. Sometimes it is hard to get used to because it varies so dramatically at times. No real schedule. It really has its pros and cons. It's nice to have him around, but it is difficult to plan things ahead and hard to deal with him suddenly being gone for several days. But then, honestly, there are times when it's nice to have a break from him so that I appreciate him more when he returns. :-)

Good luck dealing with your change! And congrats again! :-)