Monday, January 26, 2009

An uninvited guest

Does anyone know how to get rid of a skunk?

We met some skunks this summer on our camping trip. We forgot to get rid of the garbage bag before dark the first night of our trip, and that was all they needed to invite themselves over every evening about 10 pm. You can't miss that smell. We were happy to bid them farewell at the end of our trip.

Last night, when I went out to close the garage side door and turn off the light, I saw a flash of black accompanied by a high pitched screech speed out the door. So that explains the skunk smell we have noticed in there from time to time. I would include a picture but it didn't stop to pose and I didn't either! By the way, Rich closed the door and shut off the light.

We don't want a pet skunk coming around. Any tips?


Cindy said...

So sorry to hear about the skunk. Good luck.

Allyson White said...

That truly is an univinted guest. We had one trapped in our garage when I was a kid and someone from the parks and rec department had to set up a trap (it did spray our entire garage, including our dog who was out there at the time--I can still smell it).

nevadanista said...

I've heard something about tomato juice if you get sprayed, but really I don't know. We had a couple always come out to the garbage in the middle of the night when we lived in Eureka, but they never caused any problems. I would say, just don't startle them.

Fairy Godmother said...

Hi Kristine -- this may be too old for you to read comments on but we called the Federal Trapper! For Placer County -- his name is Jody Nicholas with the Placer Col Ag Dept. (530)889-7372. He trapped 3 of them for us. He puts a cage out and every night you have to set the trap and a raw egg with peanut butter on it. He'll come out the next day to see if one is in there. You have to stay far away from the cage cuz it might spray you. BUT -- it worked!!! We caught 3 skunks this way. It worked!!!