Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cemetery and Chico Visit

We have had two fun field trips in the past week. First, we drove up to Camptonville to find family history information at the local cemetery. Camptonville is located about 30 miles off I-80 East--30 very windy, mountainous miles. My great-great-great maternal grandparents, Asaph and James Godfrey, settled there during Gold Rush times, and there is a portion of the local cemetery dedicated to the Godfrey family.

I was trying to get some information to figure out why New Family Search wouldn't let me print a sealing card for one of Asaph and James' sons and his wife, Noah and Mary Ann Godfrey. So we drove up there to see if we could get some more specific birth and death information.

As we drove along, I wondered what it must have been like for my ancestors. We drove in style in our big van with music playing and a heater blowing. My ancestors must have come by wagon, and the 49 freeway wasn't around back then. They had to take the hard way, up and over the mountain. I gained more appreciation for Asaph and her family from that drive.

An older, really, older, man came to see who the newcomers were--there are only 80 residents in Camptonville now. He was named Leland, and he showed us where the grave plots were located and told us about Camptonville history. I was so busy taking pictures of head stones and writing down information that I didn't take many pictures of the children, or of Leland. Here are two of Beth, showing off some of the plots we found.
The kids said the trip was "boring." (To their credit, it was a long, long windy drive.) The most exciting part of the day for them was getting lunch at Jack-in-the-Box on the way home. However, we did find birth and death information for Noah and Mary Ann's son, Bennie, who had died at the age of three, that I didn't know about before.

That night, Rich and I took the family names, including Bennie, to the temple and had them sealed as a family. I loved it! I guess it was a field trip for me, and the kids had to come along because they home school. : )

Our next field trip was to go to Chico to see Jeanette and her family. We attended a science show at Laxon Auditorium at Chico State. I grew up attending events at Laxon Auditorium since my mom worked at Chico State. Each season, they present a variety of performances, and they offer daytime performances for a reduced price for school field trips. Last month, we came to see Chinese Acrobats. This month, it was a show called Toying with Science, which gave lots of fun information about how science works, including how to learn to juggle and how jugglers work with gravity. Everyone loved the science show.

But I think their favorite part of trips like these are that, when we go, we stay at Jeanette's house and play with Ryan and Melissa, and this time, with their two new puppies! This visit, we also went to Caper Acres, which is a local park that I played at when I was little.

Adam, Melissa, and Beth at the park
Anna and Beth

In Jeanette's backyard, Josh, Ryan and Melissa playing with bubbles and puppies. The yellow lab is their 6 mos. old puppy Annie.Jeffrey with the other puppy, Guster (named after Gus from Psych)
Anna loves Guster!


RAQ said...

what great ideas! you are an amazing mom!
I haven't been to Chico in 20 years but I am sure if I still had family there I might make the trip more often!

Our Family said...

I drove past your old neighborhood, right by Neal Dow School, on the way out of town, Rachel, and thought of you and your family. I remember playing with Teresa. It is partly thanks to your family that I joined the church. Teresa was such a good missionary and invited me to a Primary Halloween party. : )