Monday, February 21, 2011

We have lots of fun things planned for this week off. Here is what we did the first day:

Last night we read scriptures, with Katie's good friend Ashley here too, and we chose our scripture reading reward to use some of the 50 points we have earned this month. After a vote, everyone chose 2 dozen donuts for breakfast today. Rich was up early to go to Winco and then scramble eggs to go with the donuts. The children wanted 2 dozen because that means everyone got two donuts. There were supposedly 4 leftover, but those have mysteriously disappeared.

Then we painted the family room together. Everyone got involved. I was very nervous and I did more watching little children anxiously as they waived around paint brushes full of paint than painting at first. But then the little children got bored and went upstairs to play. The 'big kids'--Daniel, Jacob, Katie-- and Rich and I finished the job. I could relax at that point. Funnily enough, Anna stayed painting with us most of the time. After all, how often does she get to paint the walls with real paint? We had covered all the furniture and carpet and there wasn't any paint on the carpet when it was over. I call that a success!

Then, the family had voted to use more scripture points to have pizza and soda for dinner. That was so nice because we had to go through snow gear to get ready for our snow trip tomorrow.
Also, since the Pinewood Derby is on Wednesday night, Rich and Adam had to work on Adam's car. Jacob helped Adam with the design. See any resemblance to our 'new' van? I think it's great! Tomorrow they will add some rainbow colors to liven it up. Maybe we should consider adding rainbow colors too? ; )

More tomorrow, I hope!

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whit said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Looks like a lot of fun. What a handsome famil you have. :)