Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final fun of President's Week

We had a great week for our vacation. Besides the snow and painting, we watched Megamind and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the older kids went to several parties, we had too much ice cream, and I personally ate out at least once each day. Wow! Now that's a vacation! We also had the Pinewood Derby for Adam and celebrated my grandma's 99th birthday--the same night. Here are some pictures.The final car that Adam submitted. He came in 5th overall. We thought it looked more like a Hummer than our white van with big wheels. He also received the Most Realistic award. Huh? I have never seen a Hummer painted in rainbow colors. But Adam had fun!
Here is the group that helped my Grandma Beatty celebrate her 99th birthday. We all went out to dinner and stayed visiting for a long time. Left to right, Rich, me, Grandma, Art & Adrienne (half-sister and husband), Dad, Darren and Heather (half-sister and husband), and Joey (half-brother). What a great night!
Rich and I with Grandma. We are so lucky to live near her so that we can see her on fairly often. She still lives alone. Can you believe it?!
Lastly, we went to the temple to do family baptisms on Thursday. That was a wonderful experience. We had half of our children in the temple with us. We are half-way to our goal.


whit said...

I can't believe grandma Beatty is 99!!! Wow. Love the picture of you guys at the temple.

RAQ said...

That is so great that your Grandma is doing so well at 99! Loved all the photos of your vacation! I love that you all painted together--brave!Good sledding going on there--great memories what great parents you are!