Friday, December 12, 2008

Boys and the nativity

We went to get our Christmas tree this week. I love Christmas trees! We also set up Christmas decorations around the house. Here are some pictures getting the tree. Adam was cold, but we really did have a good time, despite how grumpy some people look.
Here is a picture of the finished living room. Notice two important things. First, there are very few ornaments remaining on the bottom third of the tree. That is because we have a toddler. She takes off anything within her reach, and we put it back up above her head. She also spends a lot of time going behind the tree to plug and unplug the lights.Second, here is a picture of how I found our little children's nativity when I walked in the room the other day. The rocking horse was pulled up to the mantle. Notice the saber-toothed tiger standing over the top of baby Jesus. I assumed Jeffrey had been using Mary, Joseph, the shepherd and the angel as action figures, which he had done before. However, upon investigation, Jacob admitted that he was the guilty party! Of course! Only a testosterone-filled 14 year old boy thinks like this!

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Allyson White said...

Rich and Adam could be twins with their facial expressions--I never knew how much Jacob likes to whistle!