Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm lovin' this!

Who said that? Do you recognize the movie quote that I used as my title? I will put the answer at the bottom of this post. What I am loving is vacation! Christmas is over and now we get to have some fun without so much work!!

Last night, Rich and I went on a double date to the temple with some friends. After doing an endowment, we did a few sealings (we got to finish up the name we hadn't been able to do the last time, completing the work for my great-grandmother's family.) When we stopped in the office to pick up the names, the temple president's office door was open. He and his wife attend our ward when they are in town. He knows our friends pretty well, so he invited us in to visit. We got to spend 45 minutes in his office.

After we laughed over some fun family memories, he asked us if there was anything we wanted to know about the temple. What would you ask? I thought of some great I was laying in bed at about 1:30 am! At the time, I just listened as he shared memories of his time as a General Authority. Did you know that President Packer starts all his meetings 15 to 30 minutes early?! We stayed and visited until they were locking the temple doors.

After that, we went back to our friends' house for snacks and visiting. At about 12:20 am, Katie texted Rich. "Did you forget you have children? Eight of them?" Rich texted back, "Who is this?" We finally made our way home at 1 am. That was a 7 hour date--and the babysitting was free!! I won't mention what the house looked like when we got home, but at least some children were asleep.

There are no basketball practices or games. No Tae Kwon Do. No service projects or cleaning the building. We don't have any talks in Primary tomorrow. This morning, we slept in until almost 9 am. We lazed around, finally getting a few chores done after noon. I am only going to do the absolute essential laundry necessary for church.

I like this time off!! I am sure it will be nice to get back to a routine (and some order) after next week, but this vacationing thing isn't so bad if you ignore the mess and just do what you want (like everyone else in the family.)

The quote is Cronk from the Emperor's New Groove.


Allyson White said...

Okay--I'm really jealous, since I listened to video games all of last night. I'm glad you had fun--don't get used to the break--I just put one of your kids in the bulletin for a talk in primary next week:)

liz said...

What a marvelous date! Lane and I went to the temple yesterday on our date day, too. We both could hardly stay awake during the session. I've got to figure this out! (How to be awake). We ate dinner in the cafeteria and chuckled over funny things together. Love to be there. How lucky you got to visit with the president.

nevadanista said...

A seven hour date = awesomeness!