Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I want to go to tithing

This morning, Jeffrey came running in to see me just as I was getting ready to take a shower. He was naked from the waist down. He usually takes off most of his clothes when he goes to the bathroom. So he ran in, obviously coming just from the potty, and shouted, "I want to go to tithing!"

Jeffrey learned about tithing yesterday. I paid the boys to rake up the leaves in the backyard. Jeffrey earned 50 cents. He wanted lots of coins, so he ended up with three dimes, three nickels, and five pennies. Then we explained about tithing and told him he could give his tithing to the Bishop when we go to tithing settlement in a few days. He was not excited to give some of his hard-earned money to the Bishop. This morning, though, Jeffrey had changed his tune. His money had increased to 90 cents, probably by gathering loose change around the house. He was okay with sharing a little money with the Bishop, especially since it was only one dime. Adam pointed out that he only has to pay nine cents, but it's a lot easier to give up one dime instead of a nickel and four pennies when you are three. Now he can't wait to go to "tithing" and see the Bishop. I think we will have him put some clothes on first.

As for the picture, here he is in the clothes he chose to put on while I was showering. These are his swim trunks. Today is a foggy December day. I'll tell you, three is cute!!

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