Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Natural Consequences

I love it when natural consequences do my job for me (see my other blog for a confession about my inability to follow through with consequences.) Tonight, we had one such situation. Jacob was about to take a shower when Beth came to the bathroom to ask for her toothbrush. Beth is very feisty, so the boys pay her back by teasing her relentlessly, which really isn't fair since who do you think made her so feisty? But anyway, Jacob had the bathroom door locked and refused, REFUSED, to let her in before he showered. I was in my bedtime exhausted stupor (also see other blog), wanting to shout "Please just let her in! Please just protect my sanity and let her in!" Too tired to even do that, I just sat there and listened as the water turned on for the shower. I sighed. Did I mention that Beth is feisty? Beth didn't sigh. Beth went to find a tool to wiggle the screw just enough to unlock the door! She let herself in three times before she had everything she needed, with Jacob protesting loudly all the while. I love it! That is the epitome of natural consequences, and I didn't have to say one thing. And I bet the next time, Jacob will let Beth in before he gets in the shower!


nevadanista said...

Hey, this is Rachel Hamrick :) Haven't sent out any cards yet, but received yours. It's great to read that your little Beth is displaying such brilliance at such a young age. Yeah, I wonder where she gets her feistiness? ;-)

Yes, would love to get together soon! Will be in touch - have a wonderful Christmas!

Cheers, Rachel

liz said...

Amen. Love it.